Luisa Sonnek Announces Her Candidacy for the 2020 Pennsylvania Congressional Elections

Meadville PA, Release: January 13, 2019. For Immediate Release

Meadville resident Luisa Sonnek proudly announces her candidacy for the 2020 election for the United States. Representative in Pennsylvania’s 16th congressional district.

Sonnek is a Community Counselor and Art Therapist at Fluid Mind Counseling in Meadville and is working towards her Ph.D. As a small business owner within the 16th district, she is fully invested in the economic future of northwestern Pennsylvania

While hosting outreach for women’s groups, mental health groups, and fair borders, Sonnek’s daily counseling work and community efforts connect her to the real issues and inequalities facing countless Pennsylvanians. Many of those she works with every day think we need a fresh voice in the House of Representatives who truly listens to the struggles facing this region.

Sonnek believes there is room for kindness and compassion in politics, and that our government should be working harder to benefit its people. She vows to never take big money donations and will always focus on prioritizing healthcare, education, and socioeconomic needs when it comes to spending the hard-earned dollars of Pennsylvania’s taxpayers.

Sonnek plans to address the needs of all residents of the 16th district of Pennsylvania, regardless of political party or ideology.

To learn more about Luisa Sonnek or get involved in her campaign, visit her website:

She is also on the following social media platforms:

Contact Info:

Organization: Luisa Sonnek for Congress
Contact phone: 814-720-0677
Headquarter address: 969 Park Avenue, Meadville, PA
Contact e-mail:

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